About Us

Hi! We are Hailey and Mike and River Merle Farm is our small family owned farm in Olympia, Washington. We grow and sell cut dahlias and tubers. 

In 2019, we planted hundreds of dahlias for our dream wedding we hosted on our small woodland property. In 2020, River Merle Farm was officially established and with each season we expand not just our flower beds but our knowledge and love for nature and farming. 

Here at River Merle Farm, we refrain from using harsh chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. Instead we work with our environment to harness the power of nature to support our Pacific Northwest soil. We use cover crops to replenish nutrients, chickens to aerate and fertilize, and honey bees to pollinate and create new dahlias from seed. 

We continue to expand our growing space each year and we now plant a few thousand dahlias, made up of roughly 200 established varieties along with hundreds of our very own unique River Merle Farm seedlings. All the dahlia tubers we sell were grown right here on our farm. We hand plant each tuber, cut each dahlia down individually, dig each clump with a pitchfork, divide tubers for weeks on end, and safely store and baby each tuber over winter in order for them to make it to your garden. 

We are a little farm with big hearts and dreams. As members of the American Dahlia Society and devoted dahlia enthusiasts, we are excited to share our passion with you.